Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!We had a really nice Easter weekend up in Huntsville. Easter morning, wasn't quite as planned - Gram Gram (Lisa's grandmother) temporarily lost a little vision in her eye and had to go to the hospital. She's staying overnight just to make sure everything's okay, so please say a prayer for her! This morning, Elijah woke up absolutely bursting with excitement over the Easter Bunny coming. He was giggling with delight as he waiting to run downstairs to find his basket. After checking out their baskets and visiting Papa Jeff and Jerrie, we went to church and met the Easter Bunny at Valley Hill.
Then we did our traditional Easter riddles and Easter egg hunt with Uncle David, Aunt Kristi, Taylor and Riley. Just incase you don't know what I'm talking about, the Easter Bunny always brings the boys riddles to solve and sends them on a scavenger hunt all around the house, leading them to another riddle attached to presents, and they ultimately end up finding their basket. This year for their riddles, Elijah read words (go find your "pet," go find where Nanny keeps a juice "box", etc) and Luke named pictures of places (car, swing). Elijah and Luke held hands as they walked from one present place to another... They had so much fun searching for Easter Eggs too!!! They did great learning about the Easter story this year. Elijah can tell you all about why we celebrate Easter, explain all the resurrection eggs, tell you about places like Golgatha and the garden of Gesthemane, Joseph of Arimethea...getting a lot of the big words down. And it seems like he's truly understanding the basis of Easter and not just repeating facts he's learned.
Luke can tell you what is inside all of the resurrection eggs and if you say "what happened three days later?" He kind of sings "three days later" like from the song "the end of the beginning". He's not the clearest of talkers, but we can understand him most of the time. He talked the entire way up to Huntsville while Elijah slept. We couldn't believe he was talking so much, but then we kind of just realized that he had time to talk since Elijah was asleep and he was surely making the most of it. He is repeating everything! He was all about the "E Money" (aka Easter Bunny) this weekend. The way he says "car" and any other -ar word crack us up with his yankee accent. He still loves pointing out "boo buses," telling us something is "right there," asking to "touch it," saying "hey guys" out of the blue...He's quite the character and is showing us that more and more everyday!

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