Monday, March 15, 2010

Luke is a crawler now!!!

Luke will be 8 months old this week and he's moving all around now! He started crawling backwards a while back and finally got his wheels moving in the right direction on Feb 28th - 7 1/2 months old. He is constantly on the go now, which means we have to be careful with the little matchbox cars and other smaller toys that he doesn't really need to play with (we've tried to clean most of them out, but who can take little cars away from a 2 year old?) He said his first word - "Dada" on Feb 11th, but we're still waiting for "Mama" (Just a note: Elijah said "Mama first) He started pulling up to standing here and there, but last night, he was pulling up a lot. He would pull up on his jumperoo and then eye his little table top toy a few steps away... then you'd see the determination in his eyes as he'd let go and step to it. He is quite courageous! And today he was standing up in his bed and was walking from one side to the other. Crazy! He got dedicated at our church on the 21st of February. Big brother, little brother, and Daddy all wore matching pinstripe blazers...and Mom wore the matching skirt. I mean, what else would you expect from the Burns family? =) Luke's head seems to be shaping up well, just rather slowly. He could care less about wearing it though, praise the Lord! It's just like it's a piece of him. But he is just as cute as can be and developing all too fast - it's hard to enjoy one stage before it's completely over and he's moved on to the next!
Elijah's as cute and funny as ever. His big thing now is to get coins. If he tinkles on the potty he gets one coin - and he doesn't care if it's a lot or just a dribble - he will let you know that he deserves another coin. He will go to the potty 5 times within 10 minutes if we let him (and expect 5 coins too!) And he knows that when he goes poo poo on the potty, he'll get 2 coins (only happened once so far). But we're thinking pull ups are just around the corner, which I will be thrilled about!!! It will be like getting a pay raise once this guy's off diapers! I feel like I'm constantly calling Stephen to tell him things that Elijah says... here are some things that have made me smile lately...

Mom: What does the rain do for the earth?
Elijah: Hmmmm (pointing his finger to his cheek). It cleans daddy's office.

Mom: What else does it do?

Elijah: cleans our house.

Elijah: (riding in the car) Hey! Gimmie my cup!
Mom and Dad: (ignoring Elijah b/c of his bad manners)

Hey! Gimmie my cup... Hey... can you hear me guys? Can you hear me guys! Guys! Can you hear me guys! (yelling)

Elijah: (walking down the stairs every morning) Here comes the (insert color of shirt here) alligator... Here comes the blue alligator...
One night he was walking down the stairs naked, so I said...
Mom: Here comes the naked alligator!
So now everyday it's...
Elijah: (walking down the stairs every morning) Here comes the naked alligator! Here comes the naked alligator!

We've been catching him reading stories to himself.. he was holding his Bible and we listened as he said "Are you my mother? No I'm a cow said the cow...are you my mother? No I'm a doggie, said the doggie"..." And lastly, he LOVES to make Luke smile and laugh, which we love. He's a great big brother!