Friday, December 17, 2010

Playgroup and the McWayne

Before we get started with the photos, I have to share the boys cutest way of sharing the Christmas story! If you ask them what gifts the wise men brought Jesus, Elijah says, "gold, frankincense, and..." then Luke says, "Myrrh!!!!". And it's nothing we taught them, saying Elijah say this and Luke say that. They just figured out to say it like that on their own. It is so precious!

We've been quite busy doing some Christmas activities this past month!
The boys and I went to Painted by U and painted a "cookies for Santa" plate with our playgroup.

Now, whenever he sees paint, he says "boop, boop!" (the sound effect I made everytime his finger touched the plate)

Elijah and Logan, chilling out after they painted.
Jolynn and Mallory painting a pig.
Nita and Kate painting.

And here is the finished product...
Elijah painted the blue background, the green inside the Christmas tree, and then some garland on the tree. Luke's footprint is in the center of the tree and his fingerprints were used for ornaments and snow.

The boys and I went to the McWayne Center yesterday for a little fun.

We (mommy included!) had so much fun playing in the snow!

Today, we had a great time at playgroup at Tracy's house!
Here we are decorating cookies...

Elijah had so much fun decorating some Christmas people, trees, bells, mittens,... didn't like the redhots so much... he put an entire handful in his mouth, only to spit them out immediately!
Sweet little Kate enjoying some cookies!

Luke got to decorate graham crackers. =)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Elijah!

Align Center Happy Birthday to Elijah!!! Our sweet Elijah turned 3 on Saturday, 12/11/10 (what a cool date!) He was super excited about his Toy Story Birthday Party, and about turning 3 in general. He has been looking forward to "December the eleventh" for quite sometime. On Wed, he wanted to wear his Buzz underwear, but I told him to save it for Saturday. He replied, completely upset, "No Mommy! I'm going to be too big to wear them when I turn 3!"

We had a Toy Story Party, of course. The menu for the big day was..."Ham," "Lil Slinky Dogs," "Mr. Potato Head Chips & Dip," "Jessie's Jello Jigglers," "Rex Mix" (instead of "Chex" - lol Thanks Aunt Kristi!), "Buzz's Bread," "Woody's Goodies," "Lotso's Lemonade," and "Bullseye's Buckeyes." Elijah enjoyed coloring the little name cards for the food...

We played a fun game of "Pin the Tale on Bullseye" - it was cute to see them all play! (Sorry, Little Miss Hayden was too fast to catch her picture!) And the results...

Here is all of the kids smiling for the camera....

Woody (Taylor), Bullseye (Luke), Buzz Lightyear (Elijah), Jessie (Hayden), & Barbie (Karidyn)

Here he is attacking his cousin Riley with his new shark puppet...

Elijah couldn't wait to blow out the candles - he did it before we got through the first line of Happy Birthday and before Dad could set down the cake!
This picture cracks me up b/c it looks like Elijah is absolutely bursting with excitement - totally captures him on his birthday (and most days) !

It was a fun day! 3 seems like such a big number for our little guy. It's crazy to know that he's that old, but at the same time, it feels like he's been our sweet Elijah forever. It's a joy and a blessing to be his mommy and daddy! We love him very very much!