Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun times

Well not much is new with the little man... we've been getting into a good routine of going on a walk and then ending up at the "playground", or as Elijah pronounces it, "carride." As soon as we make the turn on the main road of our subdivision, still 200 or so yards from the playground (which he can't even see), he starts yelling "carride" or "slide" over and over and over! It's pretty funny. While we're at the playground, Elijah loves to play soccer in the tennis courts nearby. As he chases the ball, he yells "run, run, run, run!" I wonder where he learned that.... =)
Anytime he sees a stroller, he's now saying "baby." I've asked Elijah whether mommy's having a baby girl or baby boy, and he's told me I'm having both a girl and a boy, so he's making sure that whatever I have in my belly, he's guessed correctly. =)
We're getting really excited about our trip to Orlando! We leave one week from tomorrow! We're going to have a lot of fun flying in an airplane (which Elijah LOVES) down to Orlando. Please pray for a safe and quiet flight! We'll be visiting with Aunt Beth & Uncle Jay, Gram Gram, and Brian & Laurey. While Stephen's enjoying his conference (aka golfing most days), we'll be maybe visiting disney and sightseeing in Florida.
He's very excited about the idea of seeing "Mick Mouse." Everytime I mention his name, he can't stop saying it over and over again! He has a mickey mouse book and mickey mouse diaper cover that he sees, so he knows what he looks like. It should be a lot of fun though!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fun at Play Group

On Friday, we had our monthly play group with a bunch of the kids and moms in our Sunday school class. This month, we went to Jennifer and Brad Bradley's house and had an Easter egg hunt and explored on their farm. The hunt went well ~ little man did a good job collecting his eggs, but was really more interested in their dogs. After the Easter egg hunt, we went over to see a bunch of the animals. Elijah got to pet, feed, and chase a ton of goats. He thought they were really cool. He's not the gentlest petter though ~ he's a bit spoiled with Sage allowing him to poke her in the eyes and climb all over her. He also saw some chickens and roosters, which he tried to chase, but couldn't quite catch. It was a fun day!

Easter Weekend

Elijah had a great Easter weekend. W e went up to Huntsville to spend time with some family. He got to see his Papa Jeff & Nana Jerrie, Nanny & Poppy, Aunt Kristi & Uncle David, his cousin Taylor, and Uncle TJ. We had our first trip to Chuck-E-Cheese - he had a blast! He liked riding the little cars and even gave the big mouse a high five. He and Taylor were driving in a jeep car together and Elijah decided to pull down the lever that tilted up the front end of the jeep pretty high. Elijah loved it, but it Taylor wanted nothing to do with it - he refused to ride any more rides the rest of the day!
Easter day was a lot of fun. Before church, Elijah received some notes from the Easter bunny, sending him on a scavenger hunt around the house in search for Easter gifts. With each gift, he got a new note with a riddle that he had to solve (basically made him name the picture which led him to another gift & note, ultimately ending with his Easter basket.) After church, he and Taylor went on an Easter egg hunt outside his Nanny and Poppy's house. Elijah loved collecting the eggs and putting them in his basket. He tried to help out Taylor, who insisted on dumping his eggs out of his basket - that was way more fun for him. After the Easter egg hunt, they went inside to find even more goodies from the Easter Bunny. Before our ride home, he got to finish off his Huntsville trip with a visit to the fire station. He loves sitting in the cabin of the fire truck and running around the station. It was a really fun Easter.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter Egg Fun

Well, Elijah and Mom tackled coloring Easter eggs together. It went a lot better than I had hoped! At first, I tried to hold an egg while he scribbled on it with a crayon, but he fought me b/c he wanted to hold it. After trying that for a little bit, I decided to let him hold the egg and scribble on it with the other hand - and what do you know, he did great! He, so intently and delicately, scribbled on it like a pro. Then he dropped each egg into the different colored dyes and loved it! Now all I hear is him trying to say egg (he leaves off the g sound) b/c he wants to see them! I wish taking pictures would have gone as well as dying the eggs - he decided to bang and squeeze a couple of the eggs... ooppsie! We've been having Easter egg hungs inside the past couple of days b/c he has this new found fascination with eggs. He throws each egg into the basket and once it's pretty full, he dumps it over... And then we repeat...Too cute!