Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wow... I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by and that Luke is already one month old!!! Luke is doing fabulous! At his 2 week check up he was already up to 7lbs 4oz, up from 6lbs 8oz at birth, which is great as far as weight gain goes. He's getting to open his eyes much more frequently and for several hours at a time. He's still basically sleeping and eating and just looking around. He has done awesome at tummy time! He seems to enjoy it (knock on wood) and his little neck muscles are getting so strong. He is sleeping well at night. We've only had about 1 night that led to tears (and we're not talking Luke's!)
Elijah has been adjusting so well to having a little brother. He loves to tell me to "pick him up!" Then he climbs into his daddy's chair and he gets to hold his baby brother; after a couple kisses and smiles, we'll hear "all done!" and he'll try to shove him out of his lap. =) He's learning what babies need very quickly. If Luke's crying, he'll say "feed Luke" or he'll run and get his paci. We've noticed a few signs that Elijah's accepting Luke into the family...
1. We were on a stroller ride when Elijah started singing "Rain Rain Go Away." At the end of the song, we normally sing "Mommy/Daddy & Elijah want to play. Rain, rain go away." Well, Elijah was singing the song and he sang "Mommy, Daddy, Luke Thomas want to play..." It was so sweet!!!!
2. Elijah and I were playing Ring Around the Rosie and Luke was in his swing on the floor. Right when we started, Elijah stopped, reached his hand out to Luke, and said "Luke Thomas too?" I mean, how precious is that?!
We're just having a blast easing into the transition of having two boys. Nights are a little more hectic, but fun all the same. We typically enjoy a long walk, fun at the playground, then Stephen and I go our separate ways with the boys to give them each their baths and get them milk. Afterwards, we tend to crash! It is definitely an adjustment, but it's such a good one! I hope to update with more pictures and stories a little sooner next time. =)