Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Fun

Fall has been fun so far! We went &tailgated at the Alabama/Tennessee game where we got to hang out with some friends from college, including one of Elijah’s little girlfriends, Meredith Eller, as well as with Uncle TJ & Poppy. If you ask Elijah what we do on Saturday’s, he’ll excitedly tell you “Alabama football game” and can cheer “Roll Tide” and “B-A-M-A Bama All the Way” at the top of his lungs. I guess you could say we’re raising him right. =) We went to the pumpkin patch as a family on Sunday and had such a fun time! We rode the choo-choo train, went on a hayride, and Daddy & Elijah figured their way through a maze. It was a gorgeous day & we had a blast. I took the boys back on Monday, when it was less crowded, for Elijah to bounce on the inflatables, play the games, & get his face painted.
For Halloween Elijah is an Alabama football player and Luke is the football ~ the perfect pair! We joked about doing these costumes last Halloween before we were expecting Luke. My mom made Luke’s sweet little costume, which we have gotten so many compliments on! Wednesday was our church’s Trunk or Treat, which was the first time Elijah was able to experience trick or treating. Last year he just rode around in a wagon with his pal Jonah. He ran from car to car & really liked getting candy (which he’s only been allowed one piece of so far!) He was so good at running from car to car that, when we stopped for a few minutes to work our Sunday school classes’ car, he ran off without us. I was tending to our classes’ candy & holding Luke and Stephen was grabbing a paci for Luke. Within 2 seconds, Elijah was gone - Stephen went one way and I went the other. It was such a zoo there that he could have been anywhere! After which felt like forever, probably 10 min or so, I got back to the car and Stephen had Elijah in his arms. Our friend Clay found him running, quite far away from our car… It was the worst feeling in the world, not knowing where he was. We said so many prayers that night - of worry and of thanks. So it was definitely a memorable night to say the least.
Tonight we’re going to carve and paint pumpkins and then tomorrow’s the big night! Halloween’s so much more fun with kids!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch & Trunk or Treat Pics

More pictures and stories to come shortly!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We got the flu!

(I don't know why everything's underlined! Sorry!) Both Stephen & Elijah have had the flu… On Sat, Stephen tested + for it & Elijah didn’t, but had the same symptoms that Stephen started with, so they treated both of them for the flu. Stephen’s had his pitiful moments, but we think we caught it early enough w/ Elijah that he mainly just had a cough. We lysoled everything and Stephen wore a mask around Luke in hopes that he wouldn‘t get it. But Stephen and Elijah made the most of their sicknesses - building forts together and hanging out in their pjs (Elijah). While it was fun having Stephen home from work, I’m glad he’s healthy again! I’ve been taking tamiflu , so hopefully that will keep both Luke and I from getting it as well. So please pray for our household to get and stay healthy.
Luke is getting huge! He’s nearly 13lbs and is getting so active! He's getting in the groove of eating, playing for an hour and a half or so, and then sleeping. He is smiling a ton and can hold his own in a conversation (just “ahh”s and “goo”s for now, but words will come all too soon enough!) He and Stephen seriously talk up a storm together! It's so cute! He had been waking up in the 5am hour for a while, but for the past week he has slept from 9:30ish til 6:30-7:30. Yeah!!!!! We’ve been praising God a lot for that!
Elijah's been saying the cutest things lately! When he goes to sleep now, if I carry him up, he'll say "I love you forever?" meaning he wants me to sing the song from the book "I'll love you forever." Too sweet! Bedtime has been so weird this past week. We don't know if it's his meds or what, but he plays in his bed for nearly 1 1/2 hours before falling asleep. He'll go from rubbing his eyes before bedtime to jumping up and down in his bed the minute you close the door. You can just see the excitement in his eyes when you lay him down to sleep. His new thing is "I want some" If you have something, he wants it. He's getting to know his numbers really well and we've been working on days of the week. He colors pictures of footballs and crosses and books and then we glue them to a calendar so we know when we're going to watch football and go the library and so forth. When you ask him "what do we do on Saturday?" he says "Football game!!!" He's a huge bama fan. You just say "B-A-M-A" and he screams "Bama All The Way!!!" He spent the night with his Grammy a few weeks ago and came home to tell Daddy "War Eagle." Stephen said "Go to timeout" Elijah got all sad and Stephen had to console him saying he was just playing. Then I came downstairs and said good morning to him and he said "War Eagle!" I said "no sir" in a joking manner and his eyes welled up with tears and he got so hurt! We have to work on joking around with him... but he learned his lesson. =)