Friday, August 20, 2010

Let's Go on a Mommy Date!

Let's go on a Mommy Date to Toy Story 3 again,
We'll watch Buzz, Woody, Rex, & Ham on the giant screen and then...We'll race along the sidewalk, I'll chase you and you'll chase me.
Side by side we'll stroll along, smiling oh so cheerfully.

Then how about some ice cream while we talk about the show?

We'll have fun being silly, until it's time to go...
Our next date we'll bring Dad, and your little brother too.
But today I'll enjoy our Mommy date, with only me and you.{Love the book, "Let's go on a Mommy Date" by Karen Kingsbury (Thanks Carol!)}

Friday, August 13, 2010

Silly Stories of Our Boys

So I thought I would share some sweet stories of Elijah, followed by Luke, during my 10 minutes of down time before cleaning up...
Elijah is getting so sweet and charming. A couple times, he's looked at me, rubbed my face so sweetly, and said "You're the kindest mommy in town" (and the same to daddy). He absolutely LOVES to laugh and to make people laugh. He is his father's son...
Story #1: Elijah apparently saw someone say "Do you want a piece of me?!" maybe in Toy Story or something. So the other day, after his nap, he bowed up and said really loudly, with a smile of course, "Do you want a piece of meat?!" LOL I said, "what?!" and he repeated it over and over... You'd correct him and say "me" but he just thought it was too funny saying "meat." And if you ask him, he says "yes" like, where is it?!
Story #2: For as long as I can remember, Stephen's grabbed my cheeks w/ his hands, pushed them together to make my face look fat and chubby, and has said "Do you want some cookies?" It cracks him up. Well, Elijah, now loves to squeeze our faces and say "Do you want some cookies?...Do you want some chocolate chip cookies?...Do you want some cookies w/ sprinkles?" in this deep voice. He loves it as much as his daddy!
Story #3: He loves to run. He can run all day long. When we go for a jog or leave the pool, I usually let him run along the stroller up the hill to our home. One day, he found several sticks along the side of the sidewalk and he was picking them all up to take home. After about 5 sticks, he said "Let's leave some for the other boys and girls". too sweet
Story #4: Somebody call the zoo b/c there are animals on the loose! Elijah sees tigers, alligators, lions, etc all over the place. We will be jogging and he will yell, "Mommy, Daddy, stop! There's a tiger in the road?!" or he will frantically run downstairs b/c an alligator is coming. And if we ever really need him to listen, all we have to do is tell him there's an alligator coming and he will run as fast as he can to listen.
Story #5: Elijah hates my hair in a ponytail. I mean, hates it. It's not a big deal if I start out the day in one, but if I ever go to put my hair up, he yells, "NO! Don't! Don't put your hair in a ponytail!!!" and will tear up! It's pitiful.
Story #6: I put both of the boys' milk cups in the microwave at the same time. Well, they were spinning around on the carousel thing in the microwave and all of a sudden, Elijah said "Look! Luke's milk is chasing mine!" lol

So Luke has changed in the past 3 or 4 weeks. He has turned into a boy who knows what he wants and will not sit quietly anymore until he gets it. He points at everything and calls most thing "dat" (resembles "that") or "da" or "na" or "ma"... not so much on the words yet. Still just mama, dada, banana,... But he has some lungs boy! He will holler loudly until you hand him that cup that he's pointing at.
The other morning we were doing flashcards during breakfast, and I was doing some numbers (for Elijah), and I would say "what number is this?" and Luke would say something everytime before Elijah and he was quite confident in his answers...not so much when we got to Luke's flashcards, but it was still cute.
He is walking everywhere, getting pretty fast. He loves to watch you run after him when he's just about to get in trouble - he'll crawl over to the dog bowl or the step latter in the bathroom (which he LOVES to climb) and he'll just wait until you look at him and he'll just smile at you! I took Luke to an allergist on Wednesday to have him pricked 20 times. Poor baby! During the pricking process, he was pinned down on his belly on the table, and I was holding his hands and my head was flat on the table next to his, trying to look him in the eyes the whole time to let him know it's okay. I must have looked so silly...It turns out that he's only allergic to eggs (well, of what we tested). So no cooked eggs and no products with eggs - no baked cookies, no mac n cheese, no pasta... That's going to be fun when we go to publix and pass by the free cookie in the bakery! So now we have to be pretty diligent in what we purchase and prepare for him to eat. Hopefully this will stop his little rash breakouts on his face and we'll have a perfect complexion from here on out.