Monday, May 23, 2011

HILARIOUS - Elijah's last soccer game

Elijah just finished up his last soccer game tonight and it was quite a memorable game. Let me first say that he had progressed a lot throughout the season...
Game #1: Elijah stood and watched the other kids
Game #2: Elijah picked flowers and kept running them off the field to Mommy.
Game #3: Elijah went after the other kids, physically. Pushed, grabbed, tackled,...we had to remind him that he's supposed to go after the ball, not the other kids
Game #4: Elijah had to sit out 1/2 of the game b/c of bad behavior at home, but did pretty good running on the field.
Game #5: Elijah ran after the ball!!! Well, he ran after the other kids, watching the kids, then looking at the sidelines with a huge smile while he ran. And he actually kicked the ball! It was right near the sidelines, and I was so excited and screaming for him. Then he got so excited that he ran right off the field, in the middle of kicking the ball, to give me a big hug. SO adorable

Game #6: And that brings us to tonight...

Elijah didn't pick flowers. He didn't push the other kids. He didn't stand there.
What did he do?
He ran around the field, screaming like a WILD animal, with crazy hands and faces...

We were all laughing so hard! I can only imagine how bouncy the video camera footage is...Water break?!

But he did get the kick the ball several times and he ran pretty well
(mostly while yelling and making crazy faces!)

Afterward, Elijah and all of his teammates received medals. He was SO proud. He tried to convince us his medal was soft so that he could sleep with it. =)

FYI - Luke loved watching his big brother play soccer. I woke him up from his nap today and grabbed Elijah's cleats before he climbed (note, I did say "climbed") out of his crib. When he saw the cleats he started saying "Soccer game! Soccer game!....Run! Run!!!" He had a great time watching Elijah, moseying around the sidelines, munching on apples during the games. Just a few more years...

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