Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Day Out With Thomas the Train

Today we went to visit Thomas the Train
at the Heart of Dixie State Railroad Museum.
We went with our good friends,
Jonathan, Holly, and their little girl, Karidyn.

We took tons of pictures...
We took a train ride on the rail car right behind Thomas himself. The train ride lasted about 20 minutes or so. We rode on an open part of the train.

The kids got to pet some animals at the petting zoo. Luke was petting a baby chick & squeezed it just a little too hard! Unlike Luke, Elijah was very gentle with the animals. =)
When Luke pet the baby goat, he said, "ears," "eyes" (as I had to stop him from pointing the goat in the eye!), "mouth," "honk!"...
Elijah loved feeding the goats and petting all of the animal...
Luke saw him and tried feeding the animals the mulch off the ground! We got Luke some pet food so he could try too.

The kids enjoyed singing, dancing, and playing instruments along with some live music.
We took some pictures on some old trains... a few hours later we saw a sign warning people not to climb on the trains...oops!

What a fun family day full of great memories!

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